come jelentése a tanulószótárban. come magyarul

come magyarul: verb

*Come jelentése, come magyarul, come magyar fordítás. Come jelentése magyarul, come kiejtése, hangos példamondatok, kifejezések.

come verb /kʌm/ [I] *(came, come)

1 jön (vkihez/vhova)

Come here!

She's coming this afternoon.

Look out - there's a car coming!

Can you come to my party?

If you're ever in Oxford, come and visit us.

I've come straight from the airport.

We have friends coming to stay this weekend.

The door opened and a nurse came into the room.

John will come and pick you up at 4 o'clock.

2 jön, eljön vkivel (vhova)

Come with me.

Come for a walk with us.

Would you like to come to the cinema with Sarah and me?

3 megérkezik vhová, ér vhová

Has she come yet?

When does the post come?

Hasn't his train come in yet?

4 kapható, van (termék, áru, stb.)

Do these trousers come in any other colour?

This dress comes in black and red.

5 jön, megtörténik vmi, vmilyen helyzetbe kerül vki

Spring has come early.

The worst problems are still/yet to come.

The announcement came at a bad time.

come jelentése – kifejezések:

come after/first/last, etc. utána/elsőnek/utolsónak/stb. jön, következik

She came second in the 100m race.

Z comes after Y in the alphabet.

Which king came after Edward?

April comes before May.

come apart/off, etc. szétesik, leesik, stb. (vmilyenné lesz/válik)

The book came apart in my hands.

The handle came off.

The door came open.

come easily/easy/naturally könnyen megy vmi vkinek, a vérében van vmi

Singing came naturally to Louise.

come first mindennél előbbre való

Her career always comes first.

come into being létrejön, (átv.) megszületik

The new law comes into being next month.

come to do sth (egy idő után) vmire/vmilyen állapotba jut, kezd vmit (rájönni vmire, megérteni vmit, hinni vmit, stb.)

In time she come to love him.

I come to believe that he was innocent after all.

come to light kiderül, kitudódik

She knew that the fraud would eventually come to light.

come to mind eszébe jut

I was thinking about who might be suitable for this job, and your name came to mind.

come to terms with sth belenyugszik vmibe

He still hasn't come to terms with his brother's death.

come to the/sb's rescue megment vkit, a segítségére siet vkinek

I forgot my purse but Anna came to the rescue and lent me some money.

come to think of it most jut eszembe (hogy ...)

Come to think of it, I've got two batteries that you can have upstairs.

come true valóra válik

I'd always dreamt of owning my own house, but I never thought it would come true.

After all the problems I'd had, Oliver's birth was a dream come true.

come under fire (idiom) erősen támadják (hevesen kritizálják)

The government has come under fire for closing the hospital.

how come hogyhogy, hogy lehet az hogy (informal)

How come you didn't go to the party?

take sth as it comes elfogadja úgy ahogy jön

With an illness like this you just have to take every day as it comes.

when it comes to sth/doing sth amikor vmiről van szó (egy új gondolat felvetése)

When it comes to baking cakes, she's an expert.

come jelentése – többszavas igék:

be coming along/on fejlődik, alakul

Hassan's English is coming along well.

be coming up hamarosan jön/megtörténik

My exams are coming up next month.

come about történik, megtörténik, bekövetkezik; felvetődik

How did the idea for an arts festival come about?

come across sb/sth véletlenül talál vmit; véletlenül találkozik, összefut vkivel

He came across some of his old love letters in his wife's drawer.

come across

1 vmilyen benyomást kelt

He came across as shy.

She sometimes comes across as being rather arrogant.

2 kifejeződik, tisztán kivehető (vmilyen érzés, elképzelés, stb.)

His bitterness comes across in his poetry.

come along

1 vele jön/megy, eljön/elmegy vkivel (vhova)

We're going to the cinema. Do you want to come along?

2 beállít, megérkezik vhova, felbukkan

A taxi never comes along when you need one.

3 alakul, kialakul; fejlődik, halad

I gave up climbing when my first child came along.

come back visszajön, visszatér

I'll come back and pick you up in half an hour.

We've just come back from Amsterdam.

come between sb közéjük áll (megrontja a kapcsolatukat)

I won't let anything come between me and my children.

come by sth hozzájut vmihez, megszerez vmit

Cheap organic food is still difficult to come by.

come down

1 leesik, leszakad; földet ér, leszáll

A lot of trees came down in the storm.

Our plane came down in a field.

The snow came down during the night.

2 lemegy (átv.) (ár, infláció, stb.)

House prices have come down recently.

Inflation is coming down.

come down to sth/doing sth a lényeg/lényege az (, hogy ...); múlik vmin (helyzet, döntés, siker, stb.)

The success of the venture comes down to the commitment of those involved.

come down with sth vmivel ágynak esik, vmiben megbetegszik

The whole family came down with food poisoning.

come from swh/sth jön vhonnan, származik vhonnan/vmiből

She comes from Italy.

Where do you come from?

Some of the best wines come from France.

Does that quote come from Shakespeare?

She could hear banging coming from the room upstairs.

Where will the money for the project come from?

come in

1 bejön (egy helyre)

Do you want to come in for a cup of tea?

Hi, come in - lovely to see you!

2 szóba jön, felmerül vki (vmivel kapcsolatban)

We need people to help clean up, and that's where you come in.

come in for sth részesül vmiben (átv.) (pl. kritikában)

He came in for a lot of criticism for his remarks.

come in handy jól jön (informal)

Don't throw those jars away - they might come in handy.

come in useful jól jön

You should keep that paint - it might come in useful.

come into sth örököl vmit

Just after I left university, I came into a bit of money.

come off összejön, bejön, sikerül vmi

His attempt to impress us all didn't quite come off.

Come on! gyerünk! siess!

Come on or we'll be late!

come on működni kezd, működésbe lép; kezd kialakulni vmi

The heating comes on at six in the morning.

I've got a cold coming on.

come out

1 megjelenik (újság, könyv, film, stb.)

When does their new album come out?

2 kijön, feljön, megjelenik (nap, hold, csillag)

It's really warm when the sun comes out.

3 kijön, eltávolítható (pl. ruhából pecsét)

Will this red wine stain come out?

4 kijön, megjelenik (eredmény, információk, stb.)

The exam results come out in August.

5 megvallja másságát (homoszexuális)

He hasn't come out to his family.

6 kijön vhogy, sikerül/hangzik vmi vhogy

I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but it came out all wrong.

7 kiderül, kitudódik

The truth about him will come out in the end.

come out of sth kijön/kisül vmi vmiből, vmilyen eredménye lesz

I hope something good can come out of this mess.

come over

1 átjön vhova/vkihez; meglátogat (messziről)

Come over here and I'll do your hair for you.

Are your family coming over from Greece for the wedding?

2 vmilyen benyomást kelt

He came over as a sympathetic person.

come over sb elfog vmi vkit (érzés/érzelem)

I don't usually get so angry. I don't know what came over me.

come round

1 eljön, feljön, átjön (rövid látogatóba vkihez)

Come round tonight and we'll watch a video.

2 meggondolja magát

I know Maria doesn't like you borrowing her car but she'll soon come round.

3 magához tér (visszanyeri az öntudatát)

When he came round, he couldn't remember what had happened.

come through megjön, érkezik, megérkezik, befut (hír, információ)

Have the results of the tests come through yet?

come through (sth) megúszik, túlél vmit

We've had some hard times, but we've come through them.

come to sth

1 (összeg) kitesz vmennyit, rúg vmennyire

How much does it come to?

That comes to £50, please.

2 jut vmire/vmeddig (helyzetbe, állapotba)

I was sad when the evening came to an end.

I came to the conclusion that the relationship wasn't working.

That was when the Labour party came to power.

come under sth

1 be van sorolva vhova, tartozik vhova (pl. kategóriába)

Hairdressers come under 'beauty salons' in the Yellow Pages.

2 vmi alá kerül (átv.), vminek ki van téve

We came under a lot of pressure to leave the area.

They have come under criticism from local campaigners.

come up

1 odamegy/odajön vkihez

A young girl came up to me and asked for money.

2 szóba kerül, felmerül (téma)

What points came up at the meeting?

3 felkel, feljön (nap, hold)

We watched the sun come up over the ocean.

4 felmerül, felbukkan (pl. lehetőség, állás, stb.)

If some work comes up, you should take it.

5 felmerül, közbejön (pl. probléma, nehézség)

Sorry I'm late - a problem came up with the keys.

6 feljön, megjelenik (pl. információ egy képernyőn)

The images came up on the screen.

come up against sth ütközik/beleütközik vmibe (átv.) (problémába, akadályba)

She came up against a lot of sexism in her first engineering job.

come up with sth előáll vmivel (ötlettel, tervvel, stb.)

She's come up with some amazing scheme to double her income.

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