give jelentése a tanulószótárban. give magyarul

give magyarul: verb

*Give jelentése, give magyarul, give magyar fordítás. Give jelentése magyarul, give kiejtése, hangos példamondatok, kifejezések.

give verb /gɪv/ [T] *(gave, given)

1 ad vmit vkinek [+ two objects]

Her parents gave her a car for her birthday.

Can you give me a date for another appointment?

Can you give this book to Andrea?

2 átad, átnyújt, odaad [+ two objects]

Can you give me that pen?

He poured a cup of coffee and gave it to Isabel.

3 ad, közöl (véleményt, ítéletet, üzenetet, stb.)

Can you give Jo a message?

The woman refused to give her name.

She gave me some really useful advice.

4 ad (lehetőséget, jogot) [+ two objects]

We didn't really give him a chance to explain.

5 kivált vkiből vmit (pl. érzést), előidéz/okoz vmt [+ two objects]

What you said has given me an idea.

The sudden noise gave me quite a shock.

This announcement will give hope to millions of sufferers.

6 (időt) ad vkinek vmire, (időt) szán vmire [+ two objects]

I'm nearly ready - just give me a few minutes.

7 ad, fizet vkinek vmiért [+ two objects]

I gave him £20 for his old camera.

8 tesz/csinál vmit

She gave a cry.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She gave me a big hug.

give jelentése – kifejezések:

give a party partit ad

They're always giving parties.

give a performance/speech, etc. előadást/beszédet/stb. tart/ad

Tony gave a great speech to open the conference.

give birth szül

She gave birth to twins.

give rise to sth előidéz vmit

International support has given rise to a new optimism within the company.

The bacteria live in the human body but do not give rise to any symptoms.

give sb your word szavát adja

Paolo gave me his word that he wouldn't tell anyone.

give sth a miss kihagy vmit (nem tesz meg vmit)

We usually go to Spain in the summer, but we've decided to give it a miss this year.

give vent to szabad folyást enged (indulatnak, haragnak, stb.)

He gave vent to the frustration that had been building up inside him.

give way elsőbbséget ad (közlekedésben)

Give way to traffic already on the roundabout.

give way leszakad, beszakad, összeroskad

Suddenly the ground gave way under me.

give way to sth átalakul, átváltozik vmivé, átadja a helyét vminek (átv.); enged vminek

Her excitement quickly gave way to horror.

give jelentése – többszavas igék:

give away ↔ sth

1 elajándékoz, ajándékba ad

The shop is giving away a sample pack to every customer.

2 elárul

The party was meant to be a surprise, but Dave gave it away.

give back ↔ sth visszaad

Has she given you those books back yet?

give in

1 enged (a másik akaratának)

Eventually I gave in and accepted the job on their terms.

2 megadja magát (feladja a küzdelmet)

She knew she'd lost the argument but she wouldn't give in.

You'll never guess the answer - do you give in?

give in ↔ sth bead, benyújt vmit (írott anyagot, dokumentumot)

Have you given that essay in yet?

give out ↔ sth kioszt (vmit vkiknek)

The teacher gave out the exam papers.

I've said I'll give out leaflets for them in town.

give up ↔ (sth) leszokik vmiről (pl. dohányzásról)

I gave up smoking two years ago.

Don't offer him a cigarette, he's trying to give up.

give up ↔ sth abbahagy vmit (pl. rendszeres tevékenységet, munkát)

We're going to give up our sports club membership after this year.

give up ↔ (sth/doing sth) felad vmit (pl. játszmát, tervet, harcot, stb.)

I've given up trying to persuade Sara to come - she's just not interested.

I had to give up halfway through the race.

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