for jelentése

for jelentése: preposition

For jelentése. For magyarul. For magyar fordítás, for jelentése magyarul, hangos példamondatok, kifejezések. A szótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.

for preposition /fɔːr/

1 számára, részére, -nak, -nek

There's a phone message for you.

I'd better buy something for the new baby.

2 vmennyi ideje/ideig/időre; vmilyen távolságnyit

She's out of the office for a few days next week.

I'm just going to rest for an hour or so.

I haven't played tennis for years.

We drove for miles without seeing anyone.

3 -ra, -re (vmilyen célra)

There's a sign there saying 'boats for hire'.

Which vitamins should you take for skin problems?

4 -ért (vmi megszerzése/elérése végett)

I hate waiting for public transport.

I had to run for the bus.

Did you send off for details of the competition?

I've applied for a job with another computer company.

5 -ért, vmiért cserébe (főleg pénzért)

How much did you pay for your glasses?

She sold the house for quite a lot of money.

They've said they'll repair my car for £300.

6 -ra, -re (vmilyen alkalomra)

What did you buy him for Christmas?

We're having a party for Jim's 60th birthday.

7 -ra, -re (egy időpontra)

I've booked a table at the restaurant for nine o'clock.

We can give you an appointment for 10.15.

8 -ért, miatt (ok/következmény)

He got fined for travelling without a ticket.

The things you do for love!

Scotland is famous for its beautiful countryside.

He's best remembered for his novels.

9 jelent (jelentése van)

What's the Czech word for 'book'?

What does ATM stand for?

10 felé, irányában

They looked as if they were heading for the train station.

Just follow signs for the town centre.

This time tomorrow we'll be setting off for the States.

It says this train is for Birmingham and Coventry only.

11 -ért, -nak, -nek (segítséget nyújtva)

I'll carry those bags for you.

12 -nál, -nél (dolgozik); vmit képvisel

She works for a charity.

He plays football for Cambridge United.

He used to swim for his country when he was younger.

13 -nak, -nek, vmi mellett (támogatja/egyetért)

I voted for the Greens at the last election.

So let's hear some applause for these talented young performers.

14 dolga/felelőssége vkinek vmi

I can't tell you whether you should go or not - that's for you to decide.

15 vmihez képest, vmit figyelembe véve (melléknév után)

She's quite tall for her age.

for jelentése – kifejezések:

for all ellenére

For all her qualifications, she's useless at the job.

for ever örökké; örökre

I'm not going to live here for ever.

for long sokáig, hosszasan

Have you been waiting for long?

for once ez egyszer

For once, the bus came on time.

for real igazi, valódi, komoly

I thought it was just a practice, but apparently it was for real.

for sure minden kétséget kizáróan (informal)

I think he's Canadian but I don't know for sure.

One thing's for sure - once the baby's born, your lives will never be the same again.

* For magyarul, for alapjelentései, for példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban.


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