-re angolul

-re angolul. -re angol fordítása. -re angol jelentése, -re angol hangos példamondatok, -re angol szavak és kifejezések.

-re angolul – jelentések:

away adverb /əˈweɪ/ 2 A2 -ra, -re, vmilyen távolságra vmitől

The nearest town was ten miles away.

The office is a half-hour drive away.

We live 5 km away from the coast.

at preposition /æt/ 3 A1 -ra, -re (felé, irányában)

She smiled at me.

They waved at us as we drove by.

"Look at me! Look at me!" called the little girl.

by preposition /baɪ/ 3 A2 -ra, -re (nem később; akkorra v. előtte)

She had promised to be back by five o'clock.

The application must be in by August 31st.

for preposition /fɔːr/ 3 A2 -ra, -re (vmilyen célra)

There's a sign there saying 'boats for hire'.

Which vitamins should you take for skin problems?

for preposition /fɔːr/ 6 A2 -ra, -re (vmilyen alkalomra)

What did you buy him for Christmas?

We're having a party for Jim's 60th birthday.

for preposition /fɔːr/ 7 A2 -ra, -re (egy időpontra)

I've booked a table at the restaurant for nine o'clock.

We can give you an appointment for 10.15.

into preposition /ˈɪn.tuː/ 2 A2 -ra, -re, -vá, -vé (átalakul, átalakít, cserél vmire/vmivé)

Cut the cake into pieces.

Her novels have been translated into nineteen languages.

We're planning to turn the smallest bedroom into an office.

on preposition /ɒn/ 1 A1 -on, -en, -ön, -ra, -re (egy felületen/felületre)

Ouch, you're standing on my foot!

I dropped my pen on the floor.

Look at all the books on your desk!

We put all of our medicine on a high shelf.

Your suitcase is on top of the wardrobe.

on preposition /ɒn/ 3 A1 -on, -en, -ön, -ra, -re (fed, érint vmit, lóg vhol, rögzített vnihez)

You've got blood on your shirt.

Which finger do you wear your ring on?

We could hang this picture on the wall next to the door.

Dogs should be kept on their leads at all times.

on preposition /ɒn/ 4 A2 -ra, -re (irány megadása)

Our house is the first on the left after the post office.

Take the first turning on the right.

on preposition /ɒn/ 5 A2 -on, -en, -ön, -ra, -re (néhány utazási mód)

I love travelling on trains.

She'll be arriving on the five-thirty bus.

We went to France on the ferry.

on preposition /ɒn/ 8 A2 -ra, -re (pénz/idő ráfordítása vmire)

She refuses to spend more than £20 on a pair of shoes.

I've wasted too much time on this already.

onto preposition /ˈɒn.tu/ 1 B1 -ra, -re (a tetejére/felszínére vminek)

I slipped as I stepped onto the platform.

The goods were loaded onto trucks.

onto preposition /ˈɒn.tu/ 2 B2 -ra, -re (témaváltás)

How did we get onto this subject?

to preposition /tuː/ 1 A1 -ba, -be, -hoz, -hez, -höz, -ra, -re (egy helyre/eseményre)

We went to Prague last year.

We could go to town on the bus.

I have to go to the dentist this morning.

We received another invitation to a wedding this morning.

I've asked Helen and Ben to dinner next week.

You can walk from here to the station in under ten minutes.

She walked over to the window.

He went up to a complete stranger and started talking.

upon preposition /əˈpɒn/ B2 -on, -en, -ön; -ra, -re; -nál, -nél; -ról, -ről; -hoz, -hez, -höz (ld. 'on') (formal)

Upon her head she wore a black velvet hat.

Please report to the reception desk upon arrival.

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

*-re angol fordítása, -re angol alapszavak és példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban. A szótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.


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