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Is angolul. Is angol fordítása. Is angol jelentése, is angol példamondatok, is angol szavak és kifejezések.

is angolul – jelentések:

also adverb /ˈɔːl.səʊ/ is

She's a photographer and also writes books.

I'm cold, and I'm also hungry and tired.

too adverb /tuː/ is, szintén

Do you know Jason too?

I'll probably go there next year too.

I'd like to come too.

"I love chocolate." "Me too."

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

is angolul – hasonló találatok:

always adverb /ˈɔːl.weɪz/ 2 mindig, mindig is (mindvégig, egész eddig)

We've always lived here.

anyhow adverb /ˈeniː.haʊ/ 3 különben is, egyébként is (előbbieknél fontosabb ok kiemelése)

I don't need a car and I can't afford one anyhow.

anyway adverb /ˈen.i.weɪ/ 3 különben is, egyébként is (jelentősebb ok, tényező, stb. kifejezése)

I don't have time to go and anyway it's too expensive.

Of course I don't mind taking you home - I'm going that way anyway.

either adverb /ˈaɪ.ðər/ sem; nem is (tagadó értelmű mondatban)

I don't eat meat and my husband doesn't either.

"I've never been to the States." "I haven't either."

The menu is boring at that restaurant and it's not cheap either.

even adverb /ˈIː.vən/ 1 még ... is (meglepő dolog hangsúlyozása)

Everyone danced - even Mick.

It's a very difficult job - it might even take a year to finish it.

ultimately adverb /ˈʌl.tɪ.mə 1 végül is (a végén, egy sor más dolgot követően)

Everything will ultimately depend on what is said at the meeting with the directors next week.

Ultimately, of course, he'd like to have his own business but that won't be for some time.

however conjunction /ˌhaʊˈev.ər/ akárhogy, akárhogy is

However you look at it, it's still a mess.

You can do it however you like, it really doesn't matter.

or conjunction /ɔːr/ 2 sem, és nem is (egyik sem) (tagadás után)

Tim doesn't eat meat or fish.

She doesn't have a telephone or a computer.

is angolul – hasonló kifejezések:

after all végtére is, elvégre (az alátámasztása vminek)

You can't expect to be perfect - after all, it was only your first lesson.

anything like valamennyire is (kérdő mondatban), közel sem olyan (tagadó mondatban)

Does he look anything like his brother?

as the/its name implies ahogy a neve is sejteti/céloz rá

The Long Room, as its name implies, runs the entire length of the house.

as well még ... is, valamint

Are you going to invite Steve as well?

be only human ő is csak ember

Of course Tom makes mistakes - he's only human.

beyond your wildest dreams a legszebb álmait is felülmúlja

The house was beyond my wildest dreams.

Don't ask! Ne is kérdezd! (informal)

"How was the meeting?" "Don't ask!"

either way mindkét módon, így is úgy is

You can get there by train or bus - either way it'll take an hour.

He might have to resign or he might be given a desk job, but either way, his career is effectively over.

even if még akkor is/se ha ...; még ha ... is

Even if you take a taxi, you'll still miss your train.

even so annak ellenére is, (de) még így is

Car prices have gone down a lot, but even so, we couldn't afford to buy one.

first of all először is (minden más előtt)

First of all, we swam 200 metres in the pool.

for a start először is (az első indok/dolog említése)

I won't be going - I've got too much homework for a start.

for one thing először is (egy ok/indok megadása)

You can't give Amy that shirt - for one thing it's too small for her.

I know szerintem is (egyetértés az előbb mondottakkal)

"It's a lovely day, isn't it?" "I know - let's hope it lasts."

in the end végül, végül is

We were thinking about going to Switzerland, but in the end we went to Austria.

in the first place a kezdetkor, mindjárt a legelején; először is (felsorolás elején használva)

Why did you invite her in the first place?

in the meantime közben, időközben, addig is

Your computer won't be arriving till Thursday. In the meantime, you can use Jude's.

let alone nemhogy a ..., nem is beszélve arról (, hogy ...) (még az előbbinél is lehetetlenebb)

You couldn't trust her to look after your dog, let alone your child.

might as well akár ... is (nincs jobb teendő)

We might as well walk there.

As you already know so much about the subject, you might as well skip this lecture.

no matter how/what/when, etc. akárhogy/akármit/akármikor is (hangsúlyozás)

I never manage to lose any weight, no matter how hard I try.

not to mention nem is szólva/beszélve ...

The resort has great hotels and restaurants, not to mention some of the best skiing in the region.

so did we/so have I/so is mine, etc. mi/nekem/az enyém/stb. is/szintén

"We saw the new Star Trek movie last night." "Oh, so did we."

think twice kétszer is meggondolja

I'd think twice about spending so much money on one thing, if I were you.

to begin with először is

To begin with, we can't afford to move.

to start with először is ...

To start with, we need better computers. Then we need more training.

*Is angol fordítása, is angol alapszavak és példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban. A szótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.


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