1. Ha, és, vagy, de – A1–C2 (89) – altémák


1. Feltétel (26) 2. És, szintén, hogy (15) 3. Vagy, de, ellenben (48)

3. Vagy, de, ellenben – A1–C2 (48) Szavak

anyhow adverb /ˈeniː.haʊ/ 1 de mégis, de azért (annak ellenére)

He hates carrots but he ate them anyhow.

anyway adverb /ˈen.i.weɪ/ 1 de mégis, de azért

Her parents were opposed to her giving up her course, but she did it anyway.

however adverb /ˌhaʊˈev.ər/ bár, ámbár, azonban (ennek ellenére)

This is one possible solution to the problem. However, there are others.

There may, however, be other reasons that we don't know about.

nevertheless adverb /ˌnev.ə.ðəˈles/ annak ellenére (az előbb említett dolog ellenére)

I knew a lot about the subject already, but her talk was interesting nevertheless.

nonetheless adverb /ˌnʌn.ðəˈles/ mégis, azonban (az előbb mondottak ellenére)

He was extremely rude in meetings. Nonetheless, his arguments found some support.

notwithstanding adverb, preposition /ˌnɒt.wɪθˈstæn.dɪŋ/ (formal) az ellenére vminek

Injuries notwithstanding, he won the semi-final match.

otherwise adverb /ˈʌð.ə.waɪz/ 1 különben, máskülönben

I'd better write it down, otherwise I'll forget it.

You really must phone home. Otherwise, your parents will start to worry.

regardless adverb /rɪˈgɑːd.ləs/ tekintet nélkül vkire/vmire; vmi/mindennek ellenére

Mr Redwood claimed he would carry on with his campaign regardless.

still adverb /stɪl/ 2 mégis, mindazonáltal, ennek ellenére/dacára

You may not approve of what he did, but he's still your brother.

I know you don't like her, but you still don't have to be so rude to her.

Even though she hasn't really got the time, she still offered to help.

after preposition /ˈɑːf.tər/ 6 miután, vmi ellenére

I can't believe he was so rude to you after all the help you've given him!

despite preposition /dɪˈspaɪt/ ellenére

I still enjoyed the week despite the weather.

Despite claims that the product is safe, many people have stopped buying it.

He managed to eat a big lunch despite having eaten an enormous breakfast.

although conjunction /ɔːlˈðəʊ/ 1 de, bár, habár (azonban)

He's coming to see us this evening, although I don't know exactly when.

He's rather shy, although he's not as bad as he used to be.

although conjunction /ɔːlˈðəʊ/ 2 bár, habár (noha/annak ellenére, hogy ...)

She walked home by herself, although she knew that it was dangerous.

but conjunction /bʌt/ 1 de, hanem, azonban (az előbb mondottaktól eltérően)

You can invite Keith to the party, but please don't ask that friend of his.

She's very hard-working but not very imaginative.

She's not only a painter but also a writer.

I think it's true, but then, I'm no expert.

but conjunction /bʌt/ 2 de, azonban (magyarázat arra, hogy miért nem)

I was going to go to his party, but I was ill.

only conjunction /ˈəʊn.li/ de, azonban, csak (magyarázat arra, hogy miért nem/nem teljesen)

I'd invite Frances to the party, only I don't want her husband to come.

I'd phone him myself, only I've got to go out.

This fabric is similar to wool, only cheaper.

or conjunction /ɔːr/ 1 vagy (pedig) (két lehetőség között, vagy felsorolásban az utolsó dolog előtt)

Would you like tea or coffee?

Is that a boy or a girl?

You can have beer, wine or mineral water.

It was either 2008 or 2009 - I can't remember which.

There were ten or twelve people in the room.

It will only take three or four days.

or conjunction /ɔːr/ 5 vagy (különben) (az előzőekben mondottak alátámasztása)

She must love him or she wouldn't have stayed with him all these years.

plus conjunction /plʌs/ valamint, és még

Let's not go on holiday in August - it'll be too hot - plus it'll be more expensive.

though conjunction /ðəʊ/ 1 bár, noha (annak ellenére hogy)

She hasn't phoned, though she said she would.

Though she's 38, she's still playing tennis at the highest level.

though conjunction /ðəʊ/ 2 de

They're coming next week, though I don't know which day.

when conjunction /wen/ 2 amikor (az ismertekkel/említettekkel ellenben)

He says he hasn't got any money when in fact he's got thousands of dollars in his account.

I don't understand how he can say that everything's fine when it's so obvious that it's not.

Why is she training to be a teacher when she doesn't even like children?

How can you say you don't like something when you've never even tried it!

whereas conjunction /weərˈæz/ míg (ellenben)

He must be about sixty, whereas his wife looks about thirty.

while conjunction /waɪl/ 2 míg ellenben (összehasonlítás)

He gets fifty thousand pounds a year while I get only twenty!

Tom is very confident while Katy is shy and quiet.

while conjunction /waɪl/ 3 bár, habár, noha, jóllehet; annak ellenére hogy also UK formal: whilst

While I accept that he's not perfect in many respects, I do actually quite like the man.

While I fully understand your point of view, I do also have some sympathy with Michael's.

yet conjunction /jet/ mégis, de (ennek ellenére)

simple yet effective

I agree it's unlikely, yet she knows what she's talking about.

Phrases and idioms:

after all mégis/mégsem (a várakozás ellenkezője történt/igaz)

Helen couldn't come to the party after all.

all/just the same mégis, mindenesetre (az előzőekben mondottak ellenére)

He doesn't earn much. All the same, he ought to pay for some of his own drinks.

as opposed to szemben vmivel, eltérően vmitől

I'm talking about English football, as opposed to European football.

at least legalább (van vmi jó is)

It's a small house but at least there's a garden.

at least legalább (ha mást nem is)

If you can't manage to clean the whole house, at least make sure the kitchen is clean.

despite the fact that annak ellenére hogy ...

The company has been forced to reduce its price, despite the fact that the offer has been very popular.

either... or vagy ... vagy ...

Either you leave now or I call the police!

even so annak ellenére is, (de) még így is

Car prices have gone down a lot, but even so, we couldn't afford to buy one.

even though annak ellenére (, hogy)

Even though he left school at 16, he still managed to become a millionaire.

I like her, even though she can be annoying at times.

except that csak ..., de ... (az ok megadása, hogy miért nem igaz/lehetséges vmi)

I want to go, except that I'm tired.

She would have passed the exam, except that she was ill on the day.

far from doing sth nemhogy ...-na/ne

Far from being pleased, he was embarrassed by the praise.

for all ellenére

For all her qualifications, she's useless at the job.

in spite of sth vmi ellenére (dacára)

He still smokes, in spite of all the health warnings.

In spite of his injury, Ricardo will play in Saturday's match.

in the face of sth vmivel szemben, vmi ellenére/dacára; vmi közepette

She refused to leave him, in the face of increasing pressure from friends and family.

in turn pedig, viszont, másfelől (az említett előző esemény eredményeként)

This could result in the loss of certain species of fish and this in turn poses a serious threat to the fishing communities along the river banks.

He took out more loans, which, in turn, led to more debt.

on the one hand ... on the other hand egyrészt ... másrészt ...

On the one hand, computer games develop many skills, but on the other, they mean kids don't get enough exercise.

or else mert különben, vagy (következmény)

We must be there by six, or else we'll miss the beginning.

or else vagy (két eset van)

He talks to her all the time, or else he completely ignores her.

or not ... vagy sem

Are you going to reply or not?

I still don't know whether she's coming or not.

the other way round/around fordítva (van/történik)

I thought the older people would be more offended than the young people, but it was the other way round.

then/there again azonban, viszont

I failed my history test - but then again, I didn't do much studying for it.

whether... or akár ..., akár ...

I'm going, whether she likes it or not.

Someone's got to tell her, whether it's you or me.

Let's face it - you're going to be late whether you go by bus or train.

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