1. Ha, és, vagy, de – A1–C2 (89) – altémák


1. Feltétel (26) 2. És, szintén, hogy (15) 3. Vagy, de, ellenben (48)

2. És, szintén, hogy – A1–C2 (15) Szavak

also adverb /ˈɔːl.səʊ/ is

She's a photographer and also writes books.

I'm cold, and I'm also hungry and tired.

either adverb /ˈaɪ.ðər/ sem; nem is (tagadó értelmű mondatban)

I don't eat meat and my husband doesn't either.

"I've never been to the States." "I haven't either."

The menu is boring at that restaurant and it's not cheap either.

neither adverb /ˈnaɪ.ðər/ sem, se (... és vmi/vki más sem)

Jerry doesn't like it, and neither do I.

Her family wouldn't help her and neither would anyone else.

She's not very tall and neither is her husband.

nor adverb /nɔːr/ se, sem (és ... sem)

"I don't like cats." "Nor do I."

I've never been to Iceland." "Nor have I."

I can't be at the meeting and nor can Andrew.

too adverb /tuː/ is, szintén

Do you know Jason too?

I'll probably go there next year too.

I'd like to come too.

"I love chocolate." "Me too."

and conjunction /ænd/ 1 és (kötőszó)

Ann and Jim

knives and forks

We kissed and hugged each other.

Tidy up your room. And don't forget to make your bed!

or conjunction /ɔːr/ 2 sem, és nem is (egyik sem) (tagadás után)

Tim doesn't eat meat or fish.

She doesn't have a telephone or a computer.

that conjunction /ðæt/ hogy (kötőszó)

She said (that) she'd collect it for me after work.

Is it true (that) she's gone back to teaching?

We'll be there at about 7.30, provided/providing (that) there's a suitable train.

It was so dark (that) I couldn't see anything.

Phrases and idioms:

and so on és így tovább (felsorolás után)

She plays a lot of tennis and squash and so on.

as well még ... is, valamint

Are you going to invite Steve as well?

as well as valamint

There are soft drinks as well as coffee and tea.

They have lived in the United States as well as Britain.

in addition (to) azonkívül még

In addition to his flat in London, he has a castle in Scotland.

neither ... nor sem ... sem (sem az egyik, sem a másik/sem ilyen, sem olyan)

Neither he nor his mother would talk to the police.

Their performance was neither entertaining nor educational.

not only nem csak ... hanem ...

Not only was the hotel expensive, it was dirty too.

You have let down not only yourself, but the entire team.

so did we/so have I/so is mine, etc. mi/nekem/az enyém/stb. is/szintén

"We saw the new Star Trek movie last night." "Oh, so did we."

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