take jelentése a tanulószótárban. take magyarul

take magyarul: verb, noun

*Take jelentése, take magyarul, take magyar fordítás. Take jelentése magyarul, take kiejtése, hangos példamondatok, kifejezések.

take verb /teɪk/ [T] *(took, taken)

1 visz, elvisz, magával visz vmit

I take my mobile phone with me everywhere I go.

I'd take your umbrella if I were you.

2 elvisz vkit vhova (étterembe, játszani, stb.)

I took the kids to the park.

I thought I'd take her to that nice Italian restaurant.

3 közlekedik vmivel (busszal, vonattal, stb.)

Are you taking the train to Edinburgh?

4 igényel (időt)

It took me three days to finish the job.

I'll just finish off this report - it won't take long.

5 vmilyen úton megy (útbaigazításkor)

Take the third turning on the left.

Take the main road out of town.

6 bevesz (gyógyszert)

Take two tablets, three times a day.

7 fog, megfog vmit; átvesz vmit vkitől

He took my arm and led me outside.

He reached across and took the glass from her.

8 elvisz, elvesz (engedély nélkül)

Someone's taken my coat!

Has anything been taken?

9 elfogad vmit

Are you going to take the job?

Do they take credit cards here?

10 csinál vmit (néhány főnévvel együtt használva)

I need to take a shower.

Do you take any exercise?

Take a look at this.

I thought we could take a walk after lunch.

Take a deep breath.

11 lejegyez, feljegyez

Did you take their number/details?

I took notes during the talk.

Alice isn't here at the moment. Can I take a message?

12 vizsgára készül/tanul, vizsgázik vmiből

He's taking maths, chemistry and physics.

I took a course in accountancy.

13 vmilyen méretű ruhát/cipőt hord

What size shoe do you take?

I take a size 12 in trousers.

14 elvesz, kivon (számot)

If you take 4 from 12 you get 8.

15 vonz vmit (nyelvtan)

This sense of the verb 'give' takes two objects.

16 tekint, vesz vmit vminek/vmilyennek

I was joking, but he took me seriously.

I'll take that remark as a compliment.

Whatever I say she'll take it the wrong way.

17 mér, megmér (pl. lázat)

Have you taken her temperature?

18 igényel vmi vmit (pl. bátorságot)

It takes courage to challenge your manager.

take jelentése – kifejezések:

can't take sth nem képes elviselni/eltűrni vmit

We argue all the time and I can't take it any more.

I take it (that) ezek szerint ...

I take it you're not coming with us.

take a break/rest, etc. szünetet/pihenőt/stb. tart

I think we'll take a break there.

If you're tired, you should take a rest.

take a picture/photo(graph) fényképet készít

Did you take any pictures of the sunset?

She took some great photos of the children.

He had his photograph taken by a professional.

take it from me nekem elhiheted/elhiheti

You could be doing a much less interesting job, take it from me.

take milk/sugar, etc. tejjel/cukorral/stb. fogyaszt (pl. teát)

I've forgotten - do you take milk in your tea?

take pleasure/pride/an interest, etc. örömet talál vmiben/büszkévé teszi vmi/érdeklődést kelt benne vmi, stb.

He takes great pleasure in cooking.

I have always taken an interest in local history.

take sb/sth for granted természetesnek vesz

Most of us take our freedom for granted.

take sth as it comes elfogadja úgy ahogy jön

With an illness like this you just have to take every day as it comes.

take jelentése – többszavas igék:

be taken in rászed vkit (becsap)

He told her a pack of lies and she was completely taken in by him.

take after sb üt vkire, hasonlít vkire

Peter's very tall - he takes after his father.

take sb around/round (sth/swh) körbevisz vhol vkit (megmutat vmit vkinek)

A guide took us around the museum.

take away ↔ sth

1 meleg ételt étteremből elvisz

Is that to eat in or take away?

2 elvesz, kivon (számot)

Four take away two is two.

If you take 4 away from 12 you get 8.

3 elvisz, elvesz

A waiter came to take our plates away.

Supermarkets are taking business away from small local shops.

take back ↔ sth visszavisz vmit

Is it too small? Take it back and get a refund.

I must take my library books back.

take down ↔ sth leszed vmit (a falról); leszerel, lebont vmit (pl. sátrat)

I've taken the pictures down.

We were taking the tent down.

take in ↔ sth megemészt vmit (átv.), felfog/megért vmit

I had to read the letter twice before I could take it all in.

It was an interesting exhibition, but there was too much to take in at once.

take off

1 felszáll (pl. repülő)

The plane took off at 8.30 a.m.

2 beindul (sikeres/népszerű lesz) (pl. énekes)

Her singing career had just begun to take off.

take off ↔ sth

1 levet, levesz (pl. ruhát)

He took off his clothes and got into the bath.

2 kivesz (szabadságot)

He took off two weeks in September.

take on ↔ sb felvesz munkára vkit, alkalmaz vkit

She was taken on as a laboratory assistant.

take on ↔ sth vállal, elvállal (pl. munkát, felelősséget)

Make sure you don't take on too much work.

take out ↔ sb elvisz vkit (pl. színházba, vendéglőbe)

My dad's taking the whole family out to the theatre.

Our boss took us out for a meal.

take out ↔ sth

1 kivesz vmit vmiből

He reached into his bag and took out a book.

I've had a tooth taken out.

2 kivesz, felvesz (pénzt a bankból)

I took out £50 for the weekend.

take over ↔ (sth) átvesz (munkakört, irányítást, stb.)

He took over from the previous director in February.

She took over as manager two weeks ago.

take over átvesz, elfoglal (vezető szerepet vmiben)

Italy has taken over from Spain as Europe's favourite holiday destination.

take to sb/sth megkedvel vkit/vmit

For some reason I just didn't take to her.

take up ↔ sth

1 igénybe vesz (helyet/időt)

This desk takes up too much room.

The children take up most of my time.

2 belefog vmibe, foglalkozni kezd vmivel

He's taken up cycling in his spare time.

She's taken up the post of supervisor.

take noun /teɪk/

take jelentése – kifejezések:

give and take (idiom) kölcsönös engedmény

In every friendship there has to be some give and take.

your take on sth a véleménye vmiről (helyzetről/elképzelésről, stb.)

What's your take on the plan to close the library?

take – szócsalád:

*Take magyarul, take jelentése, take példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban.


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