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Áll angolul. Áll angol fordítása. Áll angol jelentése, áll angol hangos példamondatok, áll angol szavak és kifejezések.

áll angolul – jelentések:

comprise verb /kəmˈpraɪz/ 1 C1 áll vmiből (részekből, tagokból, stb.)

The orchestra was comprised of amateur and professional musicians.

stand verb /stænd/ 1 A2 áll (a lábán) [I]

He's standing over there, next to Karen.

Granny says if she stands (up) for a long time her ankles hurt.

Stand still and be quiet!

stand verb /stænd/ 3 C1 áll (nincs lerombolva) (épület) [I]

After the earthquake not a single building was left standing in the village.

stand verb /stænd/ 5 C2 áll vhogy (vmilyen szinten, állapotban, helyzetben) [I]

The house stood empty for years.

The player is currently standing second in the world rankings.

chin noun /tʃɪn/ B1 áll (testrész)

Fasten the strap beneath your chin.

She sat behind the table, her chin resting in her hands.

áll angolul – kifejezések:

stand at sth C1 áll vmennyin (adott szinten, magasságon, mennyiségen van)

Inflation currently stands at 3 per cent.

áll angolul – többszavas igék:

consist of sth B1 áll vmiből

The team consists of four Europeans and two Americans.

It's a simple dish to prepare, consisting mainly of rice and vegetables.

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

áll angolul – hasonló találatok:

head verb /hed/ 2 C1 vezet, élén van/áll vminek (pl. listának) [T]

Jo headed a very short list of candidates.

intend verb /ɪnˈtend/ B1 szándékában áll megtenni vmit; szán vmire/vkinek vmit

We intend to go to Australia next year.

Somehow I offended him, which wasn't what I'd intended.

I don't think she intended me to hear the remark.

It was intended as a compliment, honestly!

pose verb /pəʊz/ C1 pózol, modellt áll (fényképhez, festményhez, stb.) [I]

The two leaders posed for photographs outside the White House.

queue verb /kjuː/ B2 sorban áll/vár

We had to queue for three hours to get in.

Dozens of people were queueing up to get tickets.

suit verb /suːt/ 2 B2 jól áll vkinek (pl. ruha)

You should wear more red - it suits you.

Short skirts don't really suit me - I haven't got the legs for them.

trail verb /treɪl/ C2 vesztésre áll (sport) [I or T]

City were trailing United 1-2 at half time.

ready adjective /ˈred.i/ 1 A1 kész, készen áll vmire [never before noun]

Give me a call when you're ready.

Are you ready to go yet?

We're going at eight, so you've got an hour to get ready.

When will the book be ready for publication?

above adverb, preposition /əˈbʌv/ 3 C2 vmi felett áll/van (átv.) (pl. gyanú, méltóság, stb.)

No one is above suspicion in this matter.

áll angolul – hasonló kifejezések:

as it stands C2 ahogy jelenleg áll, jelenlegi állapotában

The law as it stands is very unclear.

at sb's disposal B2 rendelkezésére áll (bármikor használhatja)

We will have a car at our disposal for the whole trip.

be at liberty to do sth C2 jogában áll (hogy megtegyen vmit) (formal)

I'm not at liberty to discuss the matter at present.

be at odds with sb/sth C2 vitában áll vkivel; ellentétben áll vmivel

His remark was at odds with our report.

be far removed from sth C2 nagyon távol áll vmitől (nagyon eltér vmitől) (átv.)

The princess's world was far removed from reality.

be in a position to do sth C1 módjában áll vmit megtenni

I'm not in a position to talk about this at the moment.

be in sb's interest(s) C1 érdekében áll vkinek

It may not be in your interests to change jobs so soon.

be on (your) guard C2 elővigyázatos, résen van/áll

Companies were warned to be on their guard for suspicious packages.

be welcome to do sth B1 módjában/rendelkezésére áll vmi (felajánlás/megengedés)

Anyone who is interested is welcome to come along.

can't stand sb/sth B1 ki nem áll/állhat vkit/vmit, utál vkit/vmit (informal)

I can't stand him.

She can't stand doing housework.

do everything in your power to do sth C1 mindent megtesz ami módjában áll

I've done everything in my power to help him.

fly in the face of C2 szemben áll vmivel (ellenkezője a szokásosnak/elfogadottnak)

These recommendations fly in the face of previous advice on safe limits of consumption.

get your own back (on sb) C2 visszavág, bosszút áll

I got my own back by putting a frog in her bed.

get/rise to your feet C2 talpra áll, feláll (ültéből)

The audience rose to their feet.

have been meaning to do sth B1 szándékában áll (egy ideje már akar/tervez vmit)

I've been meaning to call you for weeks.

on fire B1 lángokban áll

If your home was on fire and you could save only one thing, what would it be?

on the threshold of sth C2 küszöbén áll vminek (átv.) (pl. egy új korszaknak)

We're on the threshold of a new era in European relations.

out of proportion C2 nem áll arányban vmivel

The punishment is completely out of proportion to the crime.

put your foot down C2 sarkára áll (erélyesen lép fel)

I decided to put my foot down with my staff and insist that they do not send personal emails in work time.

sit up/stand up straight B2 egyenesen ül/áll

Stand up straight and put your shoulders back!

stand (sth) in/against/by, etc. sth B2 benne/nekidőlve/mellette áll; bele-/neki-/mellé állít

His walking stick stood by the door.

You'll have to stand the sofa on its end to get it through the door.

The room was empty except for a wardrobe standing in one corner.

stand to gain/lose sth C2 nyereség/veszteség előtt áll

He stands to gain a fortune if the company is sold.

stand trial C2 bíróság előtt áll

to stand trial for murder

where sb stands (on sth) C2 hol áll (vminek a kérdésében) (mi a véleménye)

We asked the head teacher where he stood on the wearing of jewellery in school.

where you stand (with sb) C2 hol/hogy áll (vkivel) (mi a helyzet)

She said she will never leave her husband, so now at least I know where I stand.

áll angolul – hasonló többszavas igék:

come between sb C2 közéjük áll (megrontja a kapcsolatukat)

I won't let anything come between me and my children.

deal with sb B2 (üzleti) kapcsolatban van/áll vkivel

She's used to dealing with difficult customers.

fend for yourself C2 gondoskodik magáról, saját lábán áll

When you go away to college, you have to learn to fend for yourself.

line up ↔ (sb/sth) B2 sorba áll, felsorakozik; sorba állít, felsorakoztat

A fight broke out behind me as we lined up to receive our food rations.

The soldiers lined us up against a wall and I thought they were going to shoot us.

stand by sb B2 vki mellett áll (átv.) (támogatja v. segíti)

She has vowed to stand by her husband during his trial.

*Áll angol fordítása, áll angol alapszavak és példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban. A tanulószótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.

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