see jelentése

see jelentése: verb

See jelentése. See magyarul. See magyar fordítás, see jelentése magyarul, hangos példamondatok, kifejezések. A szótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.

see verb /siː/ *(seeing, saw, seen)

1 A1 lát [I or T]

Turn the light on so I can see.

"I can see you!"

The teacher could see (that) the children had been fighting.

Jacqui saw the car drive up outside the police station.

From the window we could see the children playing in the yard.

See p. 23 for prices and flight details.

2 A1 összejön/találkozik vkivel [T]

We're seeing friends at the weekend.

No one has seen much of Daryl since he got married.

They see a lot of each other at weekends.

My mother is seeing the doctor again next week.

3 A2 lát, megnéz (filmet, műsort, látnivalót, stb.) [T]

Did you see that documentary on Channel 4 last night?

4 B1 ért, megért vmit [I or T]

I see what you mean.

They didn't see the need/any need to notify their members of the changes in writing.

I was surprised that they couldn't see my point of view.

5 B2 utánanéz vminek (információt szerez vmiről) [T]

I'll just see what time the train gets in.

Let's see whether there is an early performance on Saturday.

6 B2 lát vmit vhogyan (gondol/vél vmiről vmit) [T]

She didn't see herself as brave.

It was easy to see the gift as a sort of bribe.

As I see it/things/the situation, we'll have to get extra help.

7 C1 tanúja vminek (átv.) (történik vmi az adott helyen/időben) [T]

This decade has seen huge technological advances.

8 C2 elképzel vmit (hisz vmit) [T]

I can't see us finishing on time.

see jelentése – kifejezések:

I'll/we'll see C1 majd meglátom/meglátjuk

"Dad, can I have a guitar?" "We'll see."

see eye to eye (with sb) (idiom) C2 egy véleményen van vkivel

My sisters don't see eye to eye with me about the arrangements.

see red (idiom) C2 dühbe gurul

When he insulted my friends, I just saw red.

see sense C2 belát vmit

We talked to her for an hour, but we couldn't make her see sense.

see that C2 gondoskodik vmiről

Could you see that everyone gets a copy of this letter?

see you A1 viszlát! (elköszönés)

See you! Have a good journey!

see you later A1 viszlát! később találkozunk! (elköszönés)

See you later!

see you later/soon/tomorrow, etc. A1 viszlát! később/hamarosan/holnap/stb. találkozunk! (elköszönés)

I'll see you later!

see you soon A1 viszlát! hamarosan találkozunk! (elköszönés)

I'll see you soon!

wait and see C1 türelmesen vár, kivárja a végét (majd kiderül vmi)

We'll wait and see what she says.

you see C1 tudod/tudja ... (magyarázkodás/magyarázat vmire)

I didn't know she was Welsh, you see.

You see, it was already late by that time.

see jelentése – többszavas igék:

see off ↔ sb B2 kikísér vkit (pl. az állomásra)

They came to see me off at the station.

see through sb/sth B2 átlát vmin/vkin (belelát a szándékába)

It didn't take long for us to see through his charm.

see to sth/sb B2 gondoskodik vmiről, elintéz vmit

"These letters need posting." "I'll see to them later."

Mrs Chapman asked for some help with the orders - could you see to it?

Please see to it that no-one comes in without identification.

I can see to the children if you want to go out.

* See magyarul, see alapjelentései, see példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban.


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