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hagy angolul – jelentések:

allow verb /əˈlaʊ/ 2 hagy, szán vmit/vmennyit vmire/vkire [T]

Allow three hours for the whole journey.

allow verb /əˈlaʊ/ 4 enged, hagy (vmit megtörténni) [T]

They have allowed the problem to get worse.

leave verb /liːv/ 2 hagy vmit vhol, felejt/ottfelejt vmit vhol [T]

Hey, you've left your keys on the table.

That's the second umbrella I've left on the train!

leave verb /liːv/ 3 hagy vmit vhol, otthagy vmit/vkit vhol [T]

You can leave your bags at reception.

Why don't you leave the kids with me on Friday?

leave verb /liːv/ 7 (ugyanúgy) hagy vmit (vmilyen helyzetben/állapotban) [T]

Leave that chair where it is.

Don't leave any lights on, will you?

I'll have to go back - I think I've left the iron on.

You can leave the window open.

leave verb /liːv/ 8 hagy vhogy vmit/vkit (vmilyen helyzetet teremt); marad vmi/vki vhogy

Far from improving things, the new law has left many people worse off than before.

Storms have left areas of Britain without electricity.

The family were left homeless.

leave verb /liːv/ 9 (későbbre) hagy vmit [T]

Don't leave your packing till the night before you go.

I'll leave these letters till Monday.

Don't leave it too late.

They left booking their holiday till/to the last minute.

let verb /let/ enged, megenged, hagy (vmit megtenni/megtörténni) [T]

She wanted to go but her parents wouldn't let her.

He decided to let his hair grow long.

Let your shoes dry completely before putting them on.

I'm letting you stay up late, just this once.

Don't let it worry you.

hagy angolul – kifejezések:

leave sb doing sth hagy vkit (egy tevékenység közben/állapotban)

I left the children watching television.

let go (of sth) hagy vmit, továbblép vmin (nem foglalkozik tovább vele)

I have tried to let go of the past.

You've been storing up these feelings for years, and it's time to let go now.

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

hagy angolul – hasonló találatok:

ignore verb /ɪgˈnɔːr/ nem vesz tudomást vkiről/vmiről, figyelmen kívül hagy vkit/vmit

I smiled at her but she just ignored me.

She can be really irritating but I try to ignore her.

How can the government ignore the wishes of the majority?

leave verb /liːv/ 4 hagy/otthagy vkinek vmit [T]

I left some sandwiches for them to have later.

Can I leave a message for Sue?

leave verb /liːv/ 5 hagy/meghagy vmit; marad vmiből (nem fogy el) [T]

They'd eaten all the cake but they'd left some biscuits.

Are there any sandwiches left?

If you're having a bath, make sure you leave enough hot water for the rest of us.

leave verb /liːv/ 10 örökül hagy vkire

He left his nieces all his money./He left all his money to his nieces.

mark verb /mɑːk/ 3 nyomot/foltot hagy (összekoszol/károsít vmit) [T]

Take off your shoes so you don't mark the floor.

post verb /pəʊst/ 2 üzenetet küld/hagy (weboldalon)

I posted a query about a Chilean novelist.

scar verb /skɑːr/ sebhelyet/heget hagy; elcsúfít

He was scarred for life by the accident.

stain verb /steɪn/ 1 foltot ejt/hagy; bepiszkol (pl. ruhát); bepiszkolódik [I or T]

That paint stained my shirt.

While she was changing the wheel on her car, her coat had become stained with oil.

Tomato sauce stains terribly - it's really difficult to get it out of clothes.

hagy angolul – hasonló kifejezések:

leave sb alone békén hagy

Leave him alone, he's tired.

Leave me alone! I'm trying to work.

leave someone to their own devices sorsára hagy vkit

With both parents out at work, the kids were often left to their own devices.

hagy angolul – hasonló többszavas igék:

keep on doing sth folyton csinál vmit, nem hagy fel vmivel

She kept on asking me questions the whole time.

let off ↔ sb elenged (büntetés nélkül/kis büntetéssel), futni hagy vkit

Instead of a prison sentence they were let off with a fine.

You won't be let off so lightly the next time.

stick by sb nem hagy cserben vkit, kitart vki mellett

I'll stick by you whatever happens.

She was determined to stick by her husband.

*Hagy angol fordítása példamondatokkal az angol tanulószótárban.


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