over jelentése

over jelentése: adverb, preposition

Over jelentése. Over magyarul. Over magyar fordítás, over jelentése magyarul, hangos példamondatok, kifejezések.

over adverb /ˈəʊ.vər/

1 A2 több, mint; fölött

People who are 65 years old and over can get half-price tickets.

2 B1 át- (egyik oldalról/helyről a másikra)

She leaned over and kissed me.

Why don't you come over for dinner on Thursday?

I've got a friend over from Canada this week.

Now we're going over to Wembley for commentary on the Cup Final.

3 B1 vége

I'll be glad when the competition is over.

I used to have a thriving business and a happy marriage, but that's all over now.

4 B2 át, fel, hátra, hanyatt (egy másik oldalával felül)

She turned another page over.

over jelentése – kifejezések:

all over again B2 újra elölről

We had to start all over again.

get sth over (and done) with C2 gyorsan átesik vmin (kellemetlen/nehéz dolgot gyorsan megtesz)

I got all my apologies over and done with at the beginning of the meeting.

over and over (again) B2 újra meg újra

I read the article over and over till it made sense.

over preposition /ˈəʊ.vər/

1 A2 több, mint; fölött

Most of the bikes cost/are over £300.

Children over the age of 12 must have full-price tickets.

They are already $25 million over budget.

2 A2 (befedve vmit/vkit)

Put a blanket over you to keep warm.

I put my hands over my eyes because I didn't want to see.

3 B1 fölött; fölé (térben)

The sign over the door said "Exit".

She held the umbrella over both of us.

4 B1 fölött, át- (egyik oldalról a másikra)

She jumped over the gate.

The road goes over the mountains.

She is always chatting with her neighbour over the garden fence.

From the top of the tower you could see for miles over the city.

Tanks travel over the most difficult ground.

5 B1 közben, folyamán, alatt (időben)

I was in Seattle over the summer.

We discussed the matter over lunch.

It's fascinating to watch how a baby changes and develops over time.

6 B1 túloldalán (utcának, hídnak, oldalnak, stb.)

There's a pub over the road we could go to.

The story continues over the page.

The station is over the bridge.

7 B2 vmin át (a használatával/közvetítésével vminek)

They spoke over the phone.

We heard the news over the radio.

8 C2 felett (ellenőrzés/irányítás vmi/vki felett)

A good teacher has an easy authority over a class.

She's a sales manager but she has a regional sales director over her.

The victory over the French at Waterloo was Wellington's greatest triumph.

9 C2 -ról, -ről (vmilyen témáról/vmivel kapcsolatban)

It's stupid arguing over something so trivial.

over jelentése – kifejezések:

all over somewhere A2 mindenfelé, mindenütt

He's travelled all over the world.

over here/there B1 ide/oda

Put your bags down over there.

* Over magyarul, over alapjelentései, over példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban. A tanulószótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.

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