light jelentése

light jelentése: adjective, noun, verb

Light jelentése. Light magyarul. Light magyar fordítás, light jelentése magyarul, hangos példamondatok, kifejezések. A szótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.

light adjective /laɪt/

1 A1 halvány, világos (színű)

light blue/green

2 A2 könnyű (nem nehéz)

a light summer dress

Here, take this bag - it's quite light.

He's a few pounds lighter than he used to be.

3 B1 világos (nappali/természetes fény)

It gets light very early these summer mornings.

Summer is coming and the evenings are getting lighter.

Let's finish the work while it's still light enough to see.

4 B1 könnyű, enyhe (kicsi/kevés)

A light wind was blowing.

The traffic was quite light so we got through London quickly.

It's only light rain - you don't need an umbrella.

I don't eat much for lunch - just a light snack.

light jelentése – kifejezések:

make light of sth C2 könnyedén vesz vmit (nem csinál nagy dolgot vmiből)

I just laughed and tried to make light of it.

light noun /laɪt/

1 A2 lámpa, világítás [C]

Could you switch/turn the light on/off, please?

She could see the city lights in the distance.

As the lights went down, the audience grew quiet.

My front bike light isn't working.

2 B1 fény, világosság [U]

bright light

Light was streaming in through the open door.

It's a north-facing room so it doesn't get much light.

light jelentése – kifejezések:

bring sth to light C2 fényt derít vmire, kiderít vmit; fény derül vmire, kiderül vmi

The trial brought to light numerous contradictions in his story.

come to light C2 kiderül, kitudódik

She knew that the fraud would eventually come to light.

in the light of sth C1 vminek a figyelembevételével

The drug has been withdrawn in the light of new research.

shed light on C2 fényt derít vmire (magyarázatot ad vmire)

As an economist, he was able to shed some light on the situation.

light verb /laɪt/ *(lit or lighted, lit or lighted)

1 B1 meggyújt; meggyullad [I or T]

to light a fire

I can't get the cooker to light.

He lit his fifth cigarette in half an hour.

2 B2 világít, megvilágít vmit [T]

The stage had been lit with candles.

Fireworks lit up the sky.

light – szócsalád:

* Light magyarul, light alapjelentései, light példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban.


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