-val angolul

-val angolul. -val angol fordítása. -val angol jelentése, -val angol hangos példamondatok, -val angol szavak és kifejezések.

-val angolul – jelentések:

by preposition /baɪ/ 2 A2 -val, -vel (a cselekvés/történés módjának kifejezése)

They travelled across Europe by train/car.

She did the decorating (all) by herself.

Do you wish to be paid in cash or by cheque?

He learned English by listening to the radio.

by preposition /baɪ/ 6 B2 -val, -vel, -ként (mérték/mennyiség/összeg megadása)

twelve by ten metres of floor space

Interest rates have been increased by 0.25%.

I'm paid by the hour.

Copies have sold by the million.

in preposition /ɪn/ 11 C2 -va, -ve, -val, -vel, vmi folyományaként

In refusing to work abroad, she missed an excellent job opportunity.

The government banned tobacco advertising and, in doing so, contributed greatly to the nation's health.

on preposition /ɒn/ 12 B2 -val, -vel, -ba, -be (beütve vmibe, megérintve vmit)

You'll cut yourself on that knife if you're not careful.

I hit my head on the shelf as I was standing up.

on preposition /ɒn/ 13 B2 -on, -en, -ön, -val, -vel (él vmin, működik vmivel)

What do frogs live on?

Does this radio run on batteries?

to preposition /tuː/ 5 B1 -val, -vel, -nak, -nek (vkire/vmire vonatkozóan/hatóan)

What have you done to your hair?

Her evidence was very helpful to the police.

She was very kind to us.

with preposition /wɪð/ 1 A1 -val, -vel (együtt)

I was with Sylvia at the time.

He lives with his grandmother.

I'm going to France with a couple of friends.

I used to play chess with him.

with preposition /wɪð/ 2 A1 -val, -vel (hozzá tartozik/tartalmaz)

a house with a swimming pool

a woman with brown eyes

with preposition /wɪð/ 3 A2 -val, -vel (vmilyen eszközzel)

She hit him over the head with a tennis racket.

Fix the two pieces together with glue.

with preposition /wɪð/ 4 B1 -val, -vel (megtölt/beborít/stb. vmivel)

a bucket filled with water

She filled the jug with cream.

with preposition /wɪð/ 5 B1 -val, -vel (vmilyen módon)

He plays with great skill.

with preposition /wɪð/ 7 B2 -val, -vel (vkivel/vmivel kapcsolatban)

There's something wrong with the car.

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

*-val angol fordítása, -val angol alapszavak és példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban. A szótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.


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