5.1. A valószínűség fokainak kifejezése

1. A valószínűség fokai (objektív/szubjektív)

(absolutely) certain(ly)

He is certain to be there.

I'm absolutely certain (that) you're doing the right thing.

I'm certainly never going there again.

(most) probable/probably

That is the probable outcome.

The probable cause of death was heart failure.

The two cases are most probably connected.

sth will/must (most) certainly/probably do sth

I'll probably be home by midnight.

I'll certainly go to the party.

I'll certainly be there.

They will most probably lose.

(quite) possible/possibly

It's quite possible (that) Mira turn up tonight.

Defeat is quite possible.

Was it murder? - Quite possibly.

sth may/might/can/could well/possibly/even/perhaps do sth

They may even risk losing their homes.

Oxford may even win this year.

People might well confuse the two products.

This might well be her last public performance.

There could well be a few problems.

(highly) improbable

It's highly improbable that George will agree.

(totally) impossible

It's impossible for me to be there before seven.

sth cannot possibly/conceivably do sth

I can't possibly afford to go on holiday.

You can't possibly carry all those bags.

That can't possibly be the right way to do it.

We cannot conceivably fail.

(not) (very) likely

That's not very likely.

He is not very likely to admit he was wrong.

He is not likely to win.

(very) unlikely

It is very unlikely that she'll be late.

The project seemed unlikely to succeed.

sth is certain/likely to do sth

The museum is likely to be closed.

Do remind me because I'm likely to forget.

The situation is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

We're certain to win.

They are certain to agree.

it is certain/probable/likely/possible/impossible + complement clause

It is possible that he will resign.

It is probable that share prices will fall still further.

sth will/must/may/might/can/cannot do sth

He must be tired.

She might not come.

2. Rákérdezés valószínűségre, lehetőségre

be sth certain/likely (to do sth)?

Is Paul likely to come?

Are they certain to agree?

Is it certain/probable/likely/possible/impossible + complement clause?

Is it possible that you are mistaken?

How certain/probable/likely/possible is it + complement clause?

How likely is it that I will find a job after the course?

How certain is it that it will rain?

Will/must/may/might/can sb do sth

Can we finish the project by Thursday?

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