jel angolul

Jel angolul. Jel angol fordítása. Jel angol jelentése, jel angol példamondatok, jel angol szavak és kifejezések.

jel angolul – jelentések:

mark noun /mɑːk/ 3 C1 jel, jelzés

I've put a mark on the map where I think we should go for a picnic.

What do those marks in the middle of the road mean?

sign noun /saɪn/ 1 A2 jel, jelzőtábla, felirat

a road sign

a shop sign

sign noun /saɪn/ 2 B1 jel, a jele vminek (tevékenységre/állapotra utaló jel)

Flowers are the first sign of Spring.

His inability to handle the situation is a sure sign of weakness.

The fact that he's eating more is a sign that he's feeling better.

There's no sign of progress with the building work.

Billy's work at school has shown signs of improvement this year.

There is every sign that the worst is over.

sign noun /saɪn/ 3 B1 jel, jelzés (mozdulat/gesztus)

She pointed to her watch as a sign that it was getting late and she wanted to leave.

She made/gave a sign to her husband to stop talking.

The priest made the sign of the cross when he entered the church.

sign noun /saɪn/ 4 B2 jel (szabványos szimbólumok)

+ and - are mathematical signs.

£ is the sign for the British pound.

signal noun /ˈsɪg.nəl/ 1 B2 jel, jelzés, jeladás

At a signal from their teacher, the children all held up their flags.

Don't move until I give the signal.

The firework was a signal that the festival had started.

The police officer gave us a signal to stop.

The signal for a race to start is often the firing of a gun.

signal noun /ˈsɪg.nəl/ 2 B2 jel (hullám) (rádió-, hívó-, fény-, hang-, stb.)

I can't get a phone signal here.

token noun /ˈtəʊ.kən/ C1 jel, szimbólum (köszöneté, szereteté, stb.)

I gave Helen some chocolates as a token of thanks for all her help.

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

jel angolul – hasonló találatok:

clue noun /kluː/ B2 nyom, nyomravezető jel; rávezető jel

Police are searching the area for clues to the murder.

Police are still looking for clues in their search for the missing girl.

I'm never going to guess the answer if you don't give me a clue.

at preposition /æt/ 4 A1 az @ jel az e-mail címekben

mymail at gmail dot com

jel angolul – hasonló kifejezések:

a suggestion of/that sth C2 a nyoma vminek, vmire utaló jel

There's no suggestion of any connection between the two men.

jel angolul – érintett témák:

*Jel angol fordítása, jel angol alapszavak és példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban. A szótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.


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