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elfogadható angolul – jelentések:

acceptable adjective /əkˈsep.tə.bl̩/ 1 elfogadható, megfelelő

work of an acceptable standard

Clearly we need to come to an arrangement that is acceptable to both parties.

This kind of attitude is simply not acceptable.

So what is an acceptable level of radiation?

acceptable adjective /əkˈsep.tə.bl̩/ 2 elfogadható, megengedhető

Smoking is less and less socially acceptable.

adequate adjective /ˈæd.ə.kwət/ 2 elfogadható

The sound quality isn't brilliant but it's adequate for everyday use.

The council's provision for the elderly is barely adequate.

fair adjective /feər/ 3 elfogadható, ésszerű, méltányos

a fair deal

He offered a fair price for the car.

That's a fair comment/question.

fair adjective /feər/ 4 elfogadható, megfelelő (átlagos, nem túl jó/rossz)

Her German is very good, but her knowledge of French is only fair.

OK adjective /ˌəʊˈkeɪ/ 3 megengedett, elfogadható

Is it OK if I bring a friend to the party?

Is it okay to smoke in here?

If it's okay by/with you, I'll leave the shopping till tomorrow.

reasonable adjective /ˈriː.zən.ə.bl̩/ 1 elfogadható, méltányos (ár)

reasonable prices

Tomatoes are very reasonable at this time of year.

reasonable adjective /ˈriː.zən.ə.bl̩/ 2 elfogadható (elég nagy/sok)

There were a reasonable number of people there.

It's a reasonable salary for that job.

We have a reasonable chance of winning the game.

reasonable adjective /ˈriː.zən.ə.bl̩/ 3 elfogadható, nem kiemelkedő (pl. minőség)

The service at the hotel is reasonable but don't expect 5-star treatment.

I'd say her work is of a reasonable standard.

reasonable adjective /ˈriː.zən.ə.bl̩/ 5 elfogadható, ésszerű (pl. magyarázat)

There will be a reasonable explanation for all of this.

valid adjective /ˈvæl.ɪd/ 1 megalapozott, elfogadható (kifogás, kritika, érv, stb.)

a valid excuse/reason

a valid argument/criticism

My ideas might be different from yours, but they're equally valid.

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

elfogadható angolul – hasonló találatok:

bad adjective /bæd/ 2 gyenge, rossz minőségű; helytelen, nem elfogadható

The food was so bad we couldn't eat it.

He has some very bad habits.

He was sent home from school for bad behaviour.

I'm very bad at cooking.

elfogadható angolul – hasonló kifejezések:

reasonably priced méltányos/elfogadható árú

reasonably priced meals

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