-hoz angolul

-hoz angolul. -hoz angol fordítása. -hoz angol jelentése, -hoz angol példamondatok, -hoz angol szavak és kifejezések.

-hoz angolul – jelentések:

to preposition /tuː/ 1 -ba, -be, -hoz, -hez, -höz, -ra, -re (egy helyre/eseményre)

We went to Prague last year.

We could go to town on the bus.

I have to go to the dentist this morning.

We received another invitation to a wedding this morning.

I've asked Helen and Ben to dinner next week.

You can walk from here to the station in under ten minutes.

She walked over to the window.

He went up to a complete stranger and started talking.

to preposition /tuː/ 4 -hoz, -hez, -höz (relatív helyzet megadása)

She stood with her back to the window.

I had my back to them, so I couldn't see what they were doing.

John's standing to the left of Adrian in the photo.

The Yorkshire Dales are twenty miles to the north of the city.

to preposition /tuː/ 9 -hoz, -hez (vmihez rögzített, kapcsolt)

The paper was fastened to the wall with tape.

A fast rail service connects us to the city.

upon preposition /əˈpɒn/ -on, -en, -ön; -ra, -re; -nál, -nél; -ról, -ről; -hoz, -hez, -höz (ld. 'on') (formal)

Upon her head she wore a black velvet hat.

Please report to the reception desk upon arrival.

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

*-hoz angol fordítása, -hoz angol alapszavak és példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban. A szótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.


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