állít angolul

Állít angolul. Állít angol fordítása. Állít angol jelentése, állít angol hangos példamondatok, állít angol szavak és kifejezések.

állít angolul – jelentések:

allege verb /əˈledʒ/ C2 állít vmit vkiről/vmiről

The teacher is alleged to have hit a student.

He alleges that Bates attacked him.

claim verb /kleɪm/ 1 B2 állít, bizonygat vmit [T]

The company claims (that) it is not responsible for the pollution in the river.

He claims to have met the President, but I don't believe him.

An unknown terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this morning's bomb attack.

All parties have claimed success in yesterday's elections.

state verb /steɪt/ B2 állít, kijelent, kifejt; feltüntet (nevet, címet, árat, stb.)

Union members stated (that) they were unhappy with the proposal.

Please state why you wish to apply for this grant.

Children in the stated areas were at risk from a lack of food, the report said.

*A szavakról további részletek az angol–magyar oldalon.

állít angolul – hasonló találatok:

assert verb /əˈsɜːt/ C1 határozottan állít vmit [T] (formal)

He asserts that she stole money from him.

insist verb /ɪnˈsɪst/ 2 B2 makacsul állít vmit

Greg still insists (that) he did nothing wrong.

protest verb /prəˈtest/ B2 tiltakozik; leghatározottabban állít, hangoztat [I or T]

A lot of people protested about the new working hours.

They protested bitterly to their employers, but they wouldn't listen.

A young girl was crying, protesting that she didn't want to leave her mother.

try verb /traɪ/ 3 C2 bíróság elé állít [T]

He was tried for attempted murder.

állít angolul – hasonló kifejezések:

set a record B2 rekordot állít fel (sport)

The Kenyan runner set a new Olympic Record in the 3000 metres.

His time set a national record.

stage a concert/show, etc. C2 koncertet/műsort színpadra állít/szervez, megszervez

They staged a free concert in Central Park.

Although they stage the same play, the performance is different each night.

stand (sth) in/against/by, etc. sth B2 benne/nekidőlve/mellette áll; bele-/neki-/mellé állít

His walking stick stood by the door.

You'll have to stand the sofa on its end to get it through the door.

The room was empty except for a wardrobe standing in one corner.

állít angolul – hasonló többszavas igék:

line up ↔ (sb/sth) B2 sorba áll, felsorakozik; sorba állít, felsorakoztat

A fight broke out behind me as we lined up to receive our food rations.

The soldiers lined us up against a wall and I thought they were going to shoot us.

*Állít angol fordítása, állít angol alapszavak és példamondatok az angol tanulószótárban. A tanulószótárban a fordítás iránya automatikusan változik.

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